Faster, Lighter, Stronger.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has strength properties that are comparable to steel and a weight close to that of plastic. This makes Carbon Fiber an ideal material for high-performance applications that need to belight and strong.

Aerospace grade manufacturing

Advanced composite techniques allow us to create incredibly durable boards that perform exceptionally well even in the harshest conditions. Precise Aerospace resin infusion and vacuum bagging technology define our boards - outlasting, outperforming, and outdoing the competition.

The World is Advancing.


Traditional Surfboards are designed to break, carbon fiber construction is the answer. Using advanced composite techniques we make boards that are engineered to last - reducing waste and increasing the sustainability of the surf industry through a reduction of waste and ethically sourced materials.


Our boards last 2 to 3 times longer than traditional fiberglass boards. Our blanks are made of recycled materials. And we use Bio-resin to reduce our impact on the environment.


Humble beginnings.

The Origin

C6 Surf was established in 2021 by two 21-year-olds with the principal goal of revolutionizing the surf industry. Since the 1960s, surf development has plateaued with the creation of a fiberglass board, and to the present day remains the same. It is time to change what we ride.

C6's Process

C6 has wholly rethought the process of creating a board, introducing aerospace-grade carbon fiber technology into surfing. Designed for those who want to push the limits of what the human body can do on a surfboard, these boards allow you to areal higher and land harder. Our goal is to create boards that are stronger, more responsive, lighter, and faster than any boards on the market. Join the C6 revolution.